November 8

Release Day

Today is the day! No, not the elections. But the day RABBIT SLAYER is officially released. The day that the “The Alice Chronicles” becomes a thing. I have always wanted to be an author, and share my stories with others. But never had I thought it would actually happen. Certainly I tried many times in the past, but the first step was to actually get it written. So many times had I begun a story only to have it fall by the wayside, like so many other projects in my life. Start one thing only to get distracted by something else. This time it was different. The story wasn’t just for my enjoyment. It would be a gift to a very important and special person. And it is to her that RABBIT SLAYER, for without her in my life — it would not be.

October 2

Rabbit Slayer Cover

book cover for Rabbit Slayer
book cover for Rabbit Slayer

It’s Here!

That’s right, the book cover for Rabbit Slayer is finally here. It is artfully done by the creative genius of Alex Kuno. If you haven’t checked out his work be sure to visit his web site (link on the side).

Rabbit Slayer is the first book of the Alice Chronicles which twists Alice in Wonderland on its head. This isn’t your warm and fuzzy story… No, these rabbits to make you cry.

With the release date closing in, I am super excited to get things moving. At the moment, you can pre-order Rabbit Slayer on And pre-orders for physical copies will be coming soon.

Release date is: November 8, 2016