September 24

The Alice Chronicles


The Memoir

The original volume was called "Alice's Adventures in the World Under the Woodlands". But once Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) rewrote and published his whimsical book, Alice just called it... her memoirs.

The Birth of Wonderland

During a heated conversation, there was an accident and tea spilled across the original handwritten title. Much was saved, except for the locations of Alice's adventures. All that remained were the letters "Wo", "nder", and "land".


The Alice Chronicles

Over the years each Alice successor added their adventures to the original memoirs. More volumes were added and the chronicles grew. As new Alices ascends, they learn from the past, hoping to stop Wonderland's nefarious deeds.

Rabbit Slayer...

Wonderland has sent White Rabbits into our world to prey upon the innocent, and just as long there has been an Alice to protect against what others choose to ignore as nonsense.

Like most girls, seventeen-year-old Emily Anderson believes fairy-tales are only make-believe. That's until the White Rabbits come after her. When her friend is taken instead, Emily accept the help from the sometimes bizarre Alice. Things go from bad to worse, and she unknowingly winds up standing before the Queen of Hearts.

To every generation, an Alice is born, will Emily be the next?